Are You Ready for Freedom from Habits and Worries?

What if Lasting Change is Not Only Possible, but Far Easier Than You Think?

What if you Could Let Go of Destructive Habits, Anxiety, and Needless Worry by Realizing Some Simple, Proven Truths about Yourself and your Mind?

Permanent change is not only possible; it is a natural part of the human design.

We have all felt frustrated and hopeless after failed change attempts.

This happens because we are going about change the hard way.

The hard way is where you:

View your habit or unwanted behavior as a huge problem; it shows up as a personality flaw, a weakness, or maybe even a disease. You see it only as a problem that you want gone. Most importantly, you see it as a problem you cannot solve.

Seek lots of advice from others, all of which is focused on what to do to create change. You formulate endless behavioral plans for how to eat, think, feel, or act. Most of your change attempts are about which actions to take. They are centered on changing who you are and how you feel.

Are driven by a desire for quick results. This leaves you impatient and full of unrealistic expectations. You understandably want results now, and this feeds into your tendency to focus on quick behavioral fixes and strategies, rather than looking at the deeper question of what it is you aren’t seeing about yourself and your habit.

It leaves you thinking

“There has to be a better way.”

And There IS!

This Is Why I Created The Little School Of Big Change

The Little School of Big Change is an online school designed to help you see life differently so that you experience deep, lasting transformation. The course modules are designed to support you to understand the truth about your resilience and how your mind actually works so that you can tap into your natural ability to be free of habits, addictions and anxiety. The school is all about supporting you to feel mentally and emotionally free in all areas of life.

I’m Dr. Amy Johnson, psychologist, coach, and author of several books including the bestselling, The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit.

I’ve helped thousands of people worldwide find true freedom from habits, addictions and anxieties that have plagued them for years.

If you  ...

  • Often think there has to be a better way.
  • Feel powerless over your habits, thoughts, feelings, or behavior .
  • Have the sense that you are your own worst enemy and that you are getting in your own way .
  • Suspect that freedom is possible but feel you must be missing something.
  • Feel like your mind is working against, rather than for you.
  • Have tried everything to change only to lose time, money, and hope along the way.

You are exactly like I was, and like so many of the people I’ve helped. You are smart and hardworking. You are successful and have a great life in many ways, and it’s baffling that life feels so out of control in other areas.

You’re not afraid of working hard. In fact, you’ve worked very hard. You have tried everything, only to get exciting short-term results that don’t last. Within a couple weeks you’re back to the old behaviors, habits, and thoughts that you have worked so hard to change.

             This approach completely overturns current ideas about addiction, the people who suffer with them, and the human ability for change. Amy not only provides hope and a simple solution for eliminating addictive behaviors, she offers a profoundly hopeful look at the ability we all have to feel more at peace in life.

Mara Gleason, MSW, cofounder of One Solution

Insight, Not Willpower

Permanent change rarely comes about by massive amounts of hard work, willpower or discipline. It almost never results from following the “right” steps, strategies or behavioral plans. Willpower and discipline are exhaustible resources. And steps and behavioral plans are shallow and superficial—they lead to sometimes quick change, but not the kind of change that lasts.

Lifelong freedom comes from insight. From seeing life—yourself, your habits, and how the human mind works in a radically different way. Freedom comes from inside you through insight not from implementing behavioral tactics

When you see differently, you naturally do things differently.

What if the only thing in the way of you having the freedom you desire is seeing through some very simple misunderstandings?

Your habits are the solution, not the problem. The “problem” is a misunderstanding of yourself and of your experience that has left you looking for things outside of yourself to feel better. The insights shared in the course modules will point you toward the peace and contentment that is alive and well within you right now.

The understanding you will learn has been called the “The future of modern psychology”. My bestselling book, The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit, has been called “a trailblazer in the field of change and recovery”. The Little Book of Big Change is used in numerous psychological clinics, treatment and recovery facilities throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

What People Are Sharing About

The Little School Of Big Change ...

Imagine a fun, insightful, interactive community where you can learn the understanding that has helped so many people find permanent freedom.

Imagine that you could gain an accurate understanding of how your mind and your habit work alongside people just like yourself.

Imagine that with those insights, unwanted habits and worries would come to look different to you. They would come to look powerless. You would not only be free of habits; you would be mentally and emotionally free in many areas of life.

Please join me as I share the universal, psychological truths that have helped hundreds of thousands of people experience real, lasting change. Through simple, fun lessons and materials, calls with me, interviews and case studies, and a supportive online community, you will see once and for all what is really behind your next BIG, lasting change.

How The Little School of Big Change Works

The Little School of Big Change is an online school designed to help you see the truth about how your mind works and how resilient you truly are.

100% of unwanted habits, worries, anxiety, depression, and virtually anything people struggle with stem from a misunderstanding of our experience.

The Little School of Big Change has been designed and tested to clear up those misunderstandings. Understanding yourself and your psychology produces deep change that is wide-ranging and sustainable—as well as relatively easy and natural—because it comes from the inside-out.

The Little School of Big Change is simple and straightforward with no overwhelm. You will pace yourself through the content, then meet in the class forum and on regular group calls to get further support and see things in an even deeper way.

The course curriculum of Little School of Big Change fundamentally shifts your way of viewing yourself and your habits. When you see life differently, you naturally begin to do things differently.

You will:

· Come to understand the “human operating system”.  This understanding provides clarity about why we do the things we do and allows us to operate at a much higher level.

· Learn the true reason behind all habits and addictions and how that can set you free.

· Understand the spiritual and brain-science causes of habits. This insightful understanding allows you to feel safe and relaxed in the face of anything you experience.

· Come to see how your mind self-corrects and resets completely on its own, allowing you to experience much nicer feelings more of the time with no effort or techniques.

· Learn how to tap into the enormous resilience that is within you at all times.

There are three levels in The Little School of Big Change:

The Bachelor Level


· 12 Core Curriculum video lessons where I walk you through this life-changing understanding in a simple, easy to grasp way

· Animations to supplement and further your learnings

· A one-hour conversation with world renown psychiatrist Dr. Bill Pettit that will offer a brand new view of yourself your struggles

· My private, extensive list of recommended resources

· Quotes, stories, and many more features to facilitate your deep change


The Master Level


· Access to everything at the Bachelor Level

· 7 Advanced Curriculum video lessons and animations

· Hour-long conversations with addiction specialist Dr. Joe Bailey and bestselling author and speaker Michael Neill. These conversations explore advanced topics and take you even closer to lasting freedom.

· More quotes, insights, stories, and extra features

· ​ ​ ​Video lessons on special topics: Anxiety, Binge Eating, Relationships, Moods and Depression, and Physical Health 


The Doctorate Level


· Everything at the Master Level

· Access to our amazing Class Forum where you will engage in insightful conversations and get support from myself and other students

· ​ Interactive calls at least 3 times per month for Q&A, deep-dive coaching, and focused support

· Access to the Doctorate Lounge where I share bonus materials and helpful resources on an ongoing basis

$299 one time payment for the Master Level plus $39 / month

The Little School of Big Change enrollment closes at 11:59pm EST, ​Thursday, ​April 26th. Enrollment will remain closed for several months as I devote my time and energy to supporting those in the school. Now is the time!

Huge change happens at the Doctorate Level

The Doctorate Level is where you get personal support and become part of the thriving community within The Little School of Big Change.

You’ll join a kind, interactive community of people just like you who are waking up these universal truths and making big change themselves.​

I am an extremely active part of the community so you will have access to me as well. The reason enrollment in The Little School of Big Change is closed for most of the year is so that I can turn my energy to supporting students in The Little School of Big Change community. The Doctorate Level is your opportunity to get personal direction, coaching, and support virtually anytime you need it.​

I’ve taught countless group courses and the biggest learnings and insights always happen in the community. I really hope you join us at this all-inclusive level!​

  • Imagine finally being completely free of habits or addictions that have plagued you for far too long. No more drinking, binge eating, gambling, losing your temper, jealousy, insecurity, or whatever it is that leaves you feeling hopeless and ashamed.
  • Nothing to "manage" and no willpower necessary. This is an insight-based approach that requires no hard work or strategies.
  • Imagine simply waking up to the health and clarity that are within you already. Through waking up, you find yourself free.
  • Think of how comforting it would be to see these truths alongside other people around the world. You can reach out and share with your new friends at any time.
  • Imagine knowing that you can get support from me as well. I have been where you are and I have helped thousands of people find freedom. I will be there to answer questions, celebrate your successes, and point you back in the right direction if you feel like you’ve lost your way.
  • Imagine living the rest of your life deeply knowing that you are healthy, well, and safe. Imagine a life where you are not afraid of your own thoughts and feelings and you know without a doubt that you can handle anything that comes your way.
  • Picture a life where you feel as free, resilient, and hopeful as you did as a young child.

This is an extremely small sample of the benefits of this incredible understanding.

This understanding has changed my life, and it has changed the lives of countless people worldwide. It is based on simple universal truths that are available to anyone—if I can see it and they can see it, you can see it.

I can’t wait to share this with you in The Little School of Big Change beginning ​April 23rd!

Enter your text here...

Amy shares this psychological understanding is such an engaging and straight-forward way that I easily became reflective and saw the relevance and examples in my own life. I will definitely be watching the videos again!

This school is like a shot in the arm for unveiling insights- I am so astonished and in awe of what I continue to see everyday. There really is no end to the depth of what is possible for us to see. Saying that I am grateful is a massive, massive understatement! I never imagined...

The core curriculum dramatically changed my thinking about my habits. I innocently started these habits. I was doing the best I could. Now I know better and can let the habits fall away.

Amy showed me, with her lessons, that by simply understanding how our human experience works, how my brain works, that I am and have always been habit free. Can I walk away from my habit in an instant? Yes. I walked away from a 25 year old habit. Amy changed my life. She can change yours too.

I've always loved how Amy shares this understanding of how human beings work. She has a real talent for talking about it in a way that's so simple and easy to understand. If you are struggling in any way at all in your life, please enroll in the LSOBC. You will uncover something that has the potential to change your life!

Wow. I had listened to and viewed many audios and videos about the Three Principles based work. This experience going through the Core Curriculum that Dr Amy Johnson made a fundamental shift in me. It feels more quiet, I feel more connected and it all just feels easier and more simple. The beautiful thing is that you will be delighted by what you discover. It will be different and better than what you think it will be. I highly recommend her course as an investment in who you truly are!!!!

Every example of how obvious our common sense is (knowing when to go to the bathroom, knowing when it is time to go out when taking a bath, ... ) there is no decision, you just know... it is funny, because I have made all those things so hard and did question all of them. Today I deeply saw how I have flipped things around. Feeling horrible was normal and those seconds of peace and resilience wanting to come through confused me, I needed to stay on track. And so I fought back those glimpses as hard as I could. Today I saw that this understanding means to flip this around. What was my normal and felt truth was not. Those tiny seconds that I thought of as crazy and nasty were connections to mind.

I feel calmer and more settled. I know something has changed but I don't know what or how to explain it at the moment. The great thing is I'm feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time.

If you are looking for a life-altering answer to the question of why you haven’t been able to maintain a change of habit, you’ve found it. The Little School of Big Change is unlike any other program out there. Using a completely new approach that does not involve the use of willpower, Dr. Amy Johnson has created a curriculum that will TRULY set you free. I recommend getting started right away.

What has struck me about this method is that it's not about working harder, figuring it out, or distracting myself from myself. It's a natural returning to my original state of joy, wholeness, and wellbeing. What could be more simple and beautiful!

When I first found Dr. Amy Johnson, I was consumed with anxious thinking and panic to the point that I could barely leave my house. It sounds like a cliche, but the concepts that Amy teaches in The Little School of Big Change truly changed my life. I feel as if I have woken up to a new way of seeing the world that has alleviated not just anxiety and panic, but improved my relationships and my parenting, as well. It has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life.

Amanda Jones
Barbara Myles
Fernanda Lind Echenique
Jo Smith


What is the understanding shared in The Little School of Big Change?

The understanding of the human experience that you’ll come to see in The Little School of Big Change is rooted in fundamental human truths that are simple and profound.

Aspects of this understanding have been shared in many different ways with various labels and titles. The presentation that resonates with me most—which forms the basis of the content in the school—is referred to as The Three Principles.

The Three Principles presents the principles at play in all human experience. This understanding shows us how our experience is created, what is true of all people, and how our mind really works. This is not my theory or set of ideas—The Three Principles were realized by a man named Sydney Banks in 1973.

Seeing ourselves and our experience in a new way makes way for deep change in any area of life. I have seen more lasting transformation through this understanding than I have through anything else in 22 years of immersing myself in psychology and spirituality. Other theories and therapies are not even in the same ballpark… which is why I created The Little School of Big Change!

What kind of results can I expect from The Little School of Big Change?

When people come to see these truths for themselves, they have insights. The change in The Little School of Big Change happens via personal insight.

Obviously, everyone is different and so everyone will have their own personal insights in their own unique way. While I can’t say when or how your own insights will happen, I can say that most people end up having a significant shift in how they see themselves and their habits and problems when they immerse themselves in this understanding.

I have seen these shifts happen instantly, and I have seen them happen incrementally over a longer period of time. More often than not, significant change builds over time.

Please check out the Freedom Series case studies as well as the Amazon reader reviews of The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit to see more about the kind of actual results people experience.

You can also click here to read some testimonials of current students in the school.

Will the understanding I’ll learn in the school help with anything I might be dealing with? Are there particular habits or issues it will not help?

There are no issues that are too big or too deep for change.

I have seen people walk away from serious drug addictions, suicidal depression, and 30+ year eating disorders via an insightful understanding of the human experience (just to give a few examples).

The Little School of Big Change works from the inside-out. You won’t get strategies, behavioral techniques, or surface-level fixes; you will learn an understanding of life that alters the way you view all experience. It shifts your foundation. In that way, it truly does apply to everything.

This ​The Freedom That Lasts webinar goes into more detail on how this type of change is different than typical change methods.

I have gone through years of therapy for a very specific (binge eating, compulsive shopping, hoarding, sexual addiction, etc.) habit. Will The Little School of Big Change help with that?

There is an excellent chance that it will! This way of viewing yourself, your experiences, and your habits and problems is fundamentally different than any therapy or other approach that exists.

This understanding is truly new and different. It worked for me when nothing else did, and I’ve seen it do the same for many, many people.

What if I can’t join by April 26, 2018th at 11:59pm EST? Could you make an exception for me?

I’m sorry, but there will be no exceptions made with regard to the enrollment dates. This is so that I can focus exclusively on the students in the school, ensuring that they experience the deep and lasting change they are looking for.

When will enrollment in The Little School of Big Change open again?

Those dates are not yet determined but it will be sometime in late 2018. There will likely be two enrollment periods per year.